Context: How to do this thing that only your colleague does when he’s not here ?

This project contains a little framework to list procedures in a structured way that can be shared with all colleagues.

The YAML file contains all procedures and is versionable as a simple text file containing data : procedures or here soup recipes. This file contains a list of soup recipes in the form of a YAML file.

This is an example for a more procedure dictionnary oriented documentation.

When there are many procedures or recipes, you can use the search tool of bookdown to find the one you need more easily.

Adding new procedure is relatively easy thanks to YAML file structure.

Recipes are identified by an id. There is a possibility to fill a dependencies field when other procedures / recipes are needed before. Two dates gives creation date and update date of the procedure involved.

Procedure p004 present an empty shell procedure to show few principles of structuring procedures here.

Procedure p006 is a minimal procedure showing how to build this book

Here are the recipes