Adding quotes to a character list

Transcoder : Shiny app to tranpose lists to columns (and reciprocally) and formatting tricks

Often I have to take a character list or column and put it in a vector, which means before I have to add quotes. It takes times.

For me and my colleagues I have created the transcoder shiny app. The main goal is to facilitate formatting list of strings (make a vector from a list, from an Excel column, add quotes, put in pipe R format, or in SQL like, etc.).

You can run the app within stringfix package :


You may have to reinstall the package :


You can also view and explore this little app running on here.

For instance, here is a screenshot of the app that put a column in grepl pipe format:

Format a column to pipe | format

Other things about stringfix package

I have added a page to present all the functions here.

Three functions in stringfix package are for pasting. From here, you may discover another package that propose to paste strings with infix operators, it’s the pasta package !